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Professional Engineer Continuing Education

Ron Lindsey teaches Railroad Engineering Courses on request. His courses have been taken by many Fortune 500 companies  operating in the Rail Industry and are a must for anyone looking to enter into the railroad market.  Mr. Lindsey’s courses will also count towards Professional Engineering Continuing Education credits in states so requiring, excluding NY and FL at this point.

Railroad Immersion Course

This course addresses basic railroad operations, the use of advanced technologies, the market drivers, strategic railroading, strategic wireless planning, and multiple work sessions. Some version of this course has been taken by Bombardier, Alstom, Ansaldo (Switch), Wabtec, IBM, Motorola, Cisco, Lockheed Martin, Princeton Consultants, Qualcomm, Vanu, OpNet, and others.

The Positive Train Control Course

This course is an abbreviated version of the Railroad Immersion Course that addresses traffic control vs. traffic management with an in-depth discussion on PTC, e.g., objectives, the lack of vitality, misunderstandings about business benefits.

Mr Lindsey was the architect for CBTM, the overlay PTC system that provided the foundation for all of the PTC pursuits currently by Class I’s.

To learn more about Positive Train Control, click on this link PTC.

Contact Ron Lindsey to learn more or arrange for a railroad course.

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Railroad Course Brochures

Immersion Course - Lindsey
Title : Immersion Course - Lindsey
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PTC Course - Lindsey
Title : PTC Course - Lindsey
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Strategic Railroading™
Given recent tech advances there is now an unprecedented opportunity to advance railroad operations and the integration of high speed rail with freight. Real-time traffic management and communication is possible without significant development and deployment costs, but it will take a technology strategy working hand-in-hand with an operational strategy, it will take Strategic Railroading.™
Full Spectrum - Quarterly Journal

Full Spectrum is a quarterly railroading journal authored by Mr. Ron Lindsey. The majority of executives in the US railroad industry, including top members of the FRA and the major railroads, have subscribed to Full Spectrum for the past fifteen years.

Full Spectrum subscriptions are available by contacting Ron via email. If you are concerned with staying abreast of the newest advances in rail technology or operations strategy, it is highly recommended you subscribe in order to maintain your competitive advantage.

Back issues are on sale here.

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